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Dec 25

Happy Holidays from Crawford

  Dear Allen County Republicans, At this holiday season, my hope is that our city, county, state and country experience a sense of peace and unity. It’s especially important to reflect on those ideals as we enter the municipal election year. Although Republicans have had the best ideas and most…

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Dec 04

Job Investment Has Big Payback

There is a huge talent gap that is a drag on economic development. Strategies to address this include increasing and retaining college graduates and adding more training programs for open, high-paying, skilled trades jobs. We have been improving our quality of place to attract more young professionals and companies.  …

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Oct 10

Taking stand for life must be meaningful

By contrast, John Crawford has clearly articulated a plan to reduce morbidity and mortality in the city of Fort Wayne through such feasible objectives as reducing crime, reducing street drug burden, increasing treatment for addiction and mental health needs, and indirectly improving access to health care and healthy living through…

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Aug 28

Crawford can bring medical perspective to city’s raging opioid crisis

Mayoral candidate and Councilman Dr. John Crawford has outlined a strategy for Fort Wayne in line with the mentioned solutions, which were distilled from the top addiction experts worldwide. Dr. Crawford stated that our “primary approach needs to be to increase availability of high-quality treatment and recovery programs here” that offer more medication-assisted treatment, which is now the standard of care.

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Aug 15

Crawford shows support for renewable energy

Dear Mr. Thomas,

The Fort Wayne City Council has had several groups of citizens recently approach us about clean and renewable energy and ways Fort Wayne can better embrace emerging technologies. This information has been interesting…

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Jul 17

Councilmen listen to opposition of Slocum

Residents of the Frances Slocum neighborhood near the Parkview Randallia campus northeast of downtown Fort Wayne aren’t quite ready to give up their fight against a planned affordable housing development on Curdes Avenue. Read the full story on

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