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Aug 15

Crawford shows support for renewable energy

Dear Mr. Thomas,

The Fort Wayne City Council has had several groups of citizens recently approach us about clean and renewable energy and ways Fort Wayne can better embrace emerging technologies. This information has been interesting…

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Jul 17

Councilmen listen to opposition of Slocum

Residents of the Frances Slocum neighborhood near the Parkview Randallia campus northeast of downtown Fort Wayne aren’t quite ready to give up their fight against a planned affordable housing development on Curdes Avenue. Read the full story on

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Jun 28

New pay-to-play ban approved

When the Fort Wayne City Council passed an ordinance last year to prevent the appearance of so-called pay-to-play practices in the awarding of certain city contracts, council members likely didn’t expect to still be voting on the measure seven months later. Read the full story on

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Jun 28

Crawford Talks Janus Case on WOWO

Fort Wayne City Councilman John Crawford speaks with Pat Miller on The Pat Miller Program on the Supreme Court’s decision regarding the Janus Case and how that decision will effect the local level of government.

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Jun 20

Council grills Red River on trash

After more than an hour of questioning and explanations Tuesday, members of the Fort Wayne City Council remain dissatisfied with the level of service provided by Red River Waste Solutions, the city’s new garbage collection contractor. Read the full story on    

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May 15

Major issues of my mayoral platform

The Mayor’s office has been held by the same party for 20 years. Every organization after a time becomes complacent and inflexible. After asking citizens for feedback on whether they think it’s time for a change, the answer was YES.  And, I agree!!  It’s time for a fresh approach to…

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Apr 22

Evidentiary analysis is all that matters

An op-ed I wrote about the crime and homicide problem in Fort Wayne (“Crimefighting must evolve to keep up,” March 25) praised the Fort Wayne United program as a promising long-term strategy. I desperately hope this succeeds. Christopher Guerin’s April 1 opinion piece mistakenly suggests I am not completely in…

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