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Mar 04

An electrifying step

City Council took a big step forward on the Electric Works project last week – and it didn’t commit a dime. Councilmen Geoff Paddock and John Crawford were prepared to wait a week or two before putting their nonbinding resolution to a vote. But after a surprisingly short discussion, seven…

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Feb 28

Exploring GE site funding OK’d

In a 7-2 vote Tuesday, the Fort Wayne City Council approved a nonbinding resolution to support exploration of public funding for the massive redevelopment of the former General Electric campus. The resolution does not commit public funding to the project now but does allow the developer, RTM Ventures, to try…

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Feb 23

City Council to consider financial support of Electric Works

Fort Wayne City Council next week will consider whether to financially support the $300 million Electric Works project in downtown Fort Wayne. Councilmen John Crawford and Geoff Paddock on Friday outlined a resolution they will introduce at the council’s meeting on Tuesday. The commitment, as explained by Crawford and Paddock,…

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Feb 11

Pay-to-play rule levels playing field

Former councilman’s fears unfounded City Council recently passed a pay-to-play ordinance limiting businesses that seek competitive city contracts to $2,000 a year in campaign contributions, the Indiana state law maximum for corporations. Previously, service providers seeking contracts with the city were aggregating large contributions, often in excess of $50,000, to…

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Jan 28

Electric Works ‘a hothouse for innovation, job creation’

Truly transformational projects that can be game-changers for the entire region are rare. The chance to redevelop the General Electric site is extremely exciting. The GE complex comprises 39.3 acres. There are 1,259,919 square feet of space in the existing buildings. Once, 20,000 people were employed there. It is now…

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Jan 17

Interested in inclusivity? Take a pledge

When then-Gov. Mike Pence signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RIFRA) into law in April 2015, the state faced national backlash for creating what some perceived as an exclusive environment, allowing businesses to discriminate against people based on sexual orientation. As a result, businesses canceled multimillion-dollar expansions in Indiana. Performers…

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Sep 18

City must not tolerate Chicago-style financing

Council can curb influence by would-be bidders Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is receiving a lot attention after an investigation by the Chicago Tribune found that more than 60percent of the millions raised for his re-election bid come from vendors to the city. While it may not be shocking news to…

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